The secret to getting ahead of your competitors is getting started with Erply

A Future-Proof Point of Sale System

Erply provides a comprehensive retail POS system that gives you complete control over transactions, inventory, customers, and performance metrics. Perfect for the business you have now, and perfect for the growing business you’ll become.


Erply runs on all popular platforms

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Our Mission

ERPLY's mission is to help brick and mortar shops stay in business and keep our neighborhoods vibrant.

Cloud Based POS

Our goal is to allow retailers to focus more on business and less on IT, by providing a cloud-based solution that is easy to use, cost effective, and technologically superior.


We recognize that you are putting your business into our hands. For this reason we go great lengths to ensure your data is safe, secure, and backed up at all times. We run dedicated environment behind firewalls with constant monitoring. All software is updated regularly to ensure the latest security patches. Don’t worry - we got it all covered!

Fully Integrated

We provide fully integrated front-end and back-office functionality for your stores, warehouses, and headquarters into a single software suite.

Powerful POS API

Our uniquely flexible and scalable retail management suite runs in the cloud, and comes with a powerful API. This powerful tool allows users to integrate virtually with any other program necessary, allowing for a truly centralized management experience.

Multiple Languages

We are global! Erply supports more than 25 different languages to ensure your message is seen and heard loud and clear.

“Erply has made it so much easier to stay on top of my inventory, keep payroll accurate, run reports on sales, and so much more. I feel more in control of my business than I ever did before.”

Patton Avenue Pet Company

“Erply support staff has worked well with us to create some new reporting strategies, discount and promotional options, and overall has helped to make our growth phase easy without a need for us to look elsewhere”

Patton Avenue Pet Company

“The software is very easy to learn and use.”

Patton Avenue Pet Company

“We love how easy ERPLY is to use. It is very intuitive, so when we have a new team member join our company, the time it takes them to learn the system is very minimal.”

Patton Avenue Pet Company

“Help desk is incredibly responsive and the program is robust. No other program has come close.”

Patton Avenue Pet Company

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