Erply POS comes with a impressive set of features. Here is a selection of the most outstanding features Erply POS has to offer:

Sale history

Customer lost the receipt on his/her way home with the goods? No need to worry, every transaction is recorded to the customer’s card for easy access.
Sales documents 
can be re-printed or emailed to customer at any time.


Customer wants to buy something as a gift and still needs a receipt in case the product does not fit?
The “Receipt” button 
allows the cashier to print out a gift receipt for the current sale (gift receipts do not show prices and net sales total).



Had a good experience with a customer and want to make him or her smile? “Notes” button enables to add a little note to the receipt.
Customer will leave in a happy mood and tell others about it as well – positive word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing!

In case of a bad experience, “Notes” button allows you to add internal notes to the current sale as well  – this will be available to see only for the cashier.



Offering a special discount for goods may not only bring new clients but can also bring back previous customers.
With the “Discount” button you can apply discount to the entire sale ($ amount or % off).

Treat your customers every once in awhile!


Save as layaway

Create a layaway for all products displayed in shopping cart, and take partial payment/deposit.
You will later access them under Layaways button to take the full payment.


Save as order

Customer wants a specific product from the shop but you have to order it from the stock.
“Save as order“ button will save the order and you can later access it in the back office.
What’s more, the customer can pay in advance or when the product is delivered to the shop.





Save sale

Customer wants to go and quickly take out cash or run some other errands before paying for the goods?
Save sale button enables you to save the total sales amount (customer, products, quantities) in the shopping cart.
You can easily find the sale under “Pending sales” button and finish the sale right where you left it after the customer returns.

Cash In/Out

Allows the cashier to pop drawer and add cash/drop cash from the register at any given time (the in/out amounts will be documented and will appear on your X-report).

Suppose there is too much cash in the register and you need to put some of it to the seif – cash in/out function enables you to document this action and therefore helps you avoid shortage at the end of the day.




X-report gives the user a detailed list of all transactions, payment types, and payment totals that have been collected on the given register within the opened and closed time.

Clock In/Out

Clock In/Out button makes it easier to manage work hours. Employees can clock in and out without logging out of the system, which makes the whole process quick and trouble-free.