About Right

Our experience has led us to believe that:

  • Business software can be powerful and yet simple to use. Typically ERP solutions have a gazillion loads of features of which only ten per cent are used. At Pointofsale.net we focus on features that our clients actually use and create workflow models that make these features super easy to access. As a result both us and our clients end up spending less time on the support hotline.
  • ERP should help top management run their business. Owners and CEO’s have often shied away from using ERP software themselves because it seldom tells them how the business is doing. We’ve put a lot of effort into algorithms that make reports more meaningful and useful and we’ve made sure they are easily accessible. This way you’ll pick up things that need your attention quicker and ultimately, you’ll sleep better.
  • Today, online services make sense. With technologies available today most businesses are best off using web based services. With Pointofsale.net this means that software doesn’t ever need manual updating or servicing, data is never our of sync between different locations, deployment is easy and, last but not least, software brings down your monthly software bill.

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