About Left

Pointofsale Inc has its roots in building complex custom ERP solutions. As the experience accumulated the core team realized that although client needs and requests were different there was a lot of common ground as well, things that worked well for almost all clients in managing inventory, POS and relationships.

Pointofsale Inc was launched in 2009 as a crystallization of this collective best practice. This meant making the software quicker, improving usability, redesigning the look and feel and getting rid of unnecessary features. It quickly started to win the trust of users in the home market Estonia and neighboring countries and its rapid growth was further fueled after becoming a Seedcamp winner in September 2009.

Pointofsale Inc continues to grow fast, focusing on markets such as US and UK. In April 2010 Index Capital, Redpoint Ventures and a group of private VC-s announced investing 2 million dollars in the company